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Serious Injuries - Hawaii

Here at Injury Lawyer Hawaii, we are dedicated to helping the victims of serious injuries and their

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families get back on their feet again. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured, Injury Lawyer Hawaii will help you get your life back together again. William Lawson, an experienced Hawaii injury attorney, handles serious personal injury and death claims—claims for injuries arising out of the wrongful conduct of others. As a lawyer, he concentrates in helping clients recover their lives back after traumatic brain injury (TBI), severe head injuries, spinal cord injury (SCI), catastrophic injury, wrongful death, broken bones and fractures, burn injuries (fire or chemical), ruptured discs aka herniated disks, serious knee ACL, PCL, meniscus and other injuries, damaged internal organs, and other serious injuries. For more information, please use the links in the left margin under the heading "Types of Injury".

Two sister sites to Injury Lawyer Hawaii address many of the types of accidents which can give rise to an injury claim. Visiting these sites will provide further information for certain personal injury claims in Hawaii. Motor vehicle accidents such as car, bus, truck, motorcycle, moped, auto and pedestrian accidents and drunk driver accidents are addressed at: Car Accident Attorney Hawaii. Other types of serious accidents - such as defective products, ocean and boating accidents, construction site and heavy equipment accidents, recreational accidents, elevator accidents, explosions, electrical accidents, dog bites and accidents involving falls - are addressed at: Accident Lawyer Hawaii - Attorney Wm Lawson. Please use the menus in the left and right margins of this page to visit those sites.

Preventable serious injuries continue to be a problem in Hawaii (as in the other 49 states). The Hawaii State Health Planning & Development Agency found the effects of injuries to be extensive. In its study entitled: Hawaii Health Performance Plan (H2P2)- Optimum Health for Hawaii's People, this agency found that "injuries kill more than 500 people, hospitalize more than 7,000 and hurt more than 160,000 each year". See: Preventable Injuries and Violence in the 50th State.

William Lawson, Injury Lawyer Hawaii, provides free consultations to evaluate critical injury and wrongful death cases. Contact from another lawyer is welcome. Most cases are handled by Injury Lawyer Hawaii on a contingency fee, so "No recovery--No fee." If Injury Lawyer Hawaii, agrees to handle your case this way, there will be no attorneys' fees charged unless we win.

If you are unfamiliar with personal injury claims, please see:

What is a personal injury claim?

After an accident it is usually very important for the lawyer to promptly preserve whatever evidence is available regarding the accident. Here at Injury Lawyer Hawaii we will assist you with documenting your injury claims and preparing a solid case based upon evidence which should be admissible at trial. Claim Investigation The preservation of evidence usually involves locating and documenting witness statements, taking and preserving photographs and videos, locating items, and documenting the injuries and damages arising out of the accident. It often takes a lawyer to evaluate what must be done. To examine these issues more closely, please visit the following page:

Inital Steps in Making Your Claim

Every type of claim has a deadline for filing the claim in court. The deadlines given on this website by Injury Lawyer Hawaii are those applicable in the state of Hawaii. After the expiration of this time period, the claims usually will be lost - regardless of their merits, although there are a few exceptions. Please act promptly to contact Injury Lawyer Hawaii on any claims which you may wish to pursue.

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Recent Personal Injury and Car Accident News

An important victory in the fight for individual rights (as opposed to insurer rights) is the case of Yukumoto and HMSA v. Tawahara. In that case on May 26, 2017, the Hawaii Supreme Court rejected the efforts of a health insurer who tried to convert its insurance coverage into a 'loan agreement' and recover its medical expense payments from Mr. Yukumoto when he had a 3rd party claim - in spite of the fact that he was not being fully compensated for his losses. This insidious insurance practice has been damaging the citizens and members of the Hawaii community for many years. For more info, see the decision here: Yukumoto and HMSA v. Tawahara, Hawaii Sup. Ct. No. SCAP-15-0000460 (May 26, 2017).

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