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Hawaii Medical Experts - IME Medical Experts, DME Doctors- Recommended Doctors vs. Biased IME Doctors who have sold out to the insurers and Insurance Company Doctors

This Hawaii Medical Experts page and the pages to which it links are provided in an effort to help patients and those who care about them to steer clear of biased IME doctors, insurance company doctors and uncaring and/or incompetent doctors. Since the courts and state agencies often do not allow adequate inquiry into insurance company control of a doctor's income stream and the governing authorities here in Hawaii do not deem it necessary to require doctors to practice medicine in the best manner available for the patient (see next paragraph), it is up to the public to educate itself and to share information about which doctors should be avoided and which seem to be fair and concerned about their patients. Obviously, this information here is being provided by a non-medical person and no authority exists whatsoever for these pronouncements- it is simply personal opinion based upon experience, hearsay and conjecture. If this information seems helpful- great- if not, ignore it as the ravings of an uninformed lunatic.

For more information about Defense Medical Exams, Insurance Company Doctors and the Rules which such doctors are supposed to follow, you may wish to visit: Defense Medical Exams - Hawaii.

One of the reasons why the people of Hawaii should share their feelings and information about doctors, physicians and chiropractors in the islands is that historically Hawaii has a very low level of "self"-discipline of medical professionals. Among the states, just a few years ago, Hawaii was dead last in levels of discipline by the governing state board. Although this lack of administrative discipline has been improving, the public still needs to know and share its insight with one another - especially for the doctors who perform the so-called Independent Medical Exams. Our courts have determined that these doctors have virtually no duties to the patient whom they examine - so there is almost nothing which such doctors do which the State administrative boards are authorized to review and correct.

Some doctors cut back on the practice of medicine after a while and replace it with work for insurance companies doing insurance company medical examinations (IME's). In most cases this evolves into an established ongoing business of writing reports which diminish the value of an injured person's injuries. These doctors are sometimes referred to by the insurers as Independent Medical Experts, but it is more accurate to describe them as Defense Medical Experts. The insurance companies find such doctors to be of great financial benefit to them because these doctors can provide insurers with admissible biased medical testimony which predictably reduces the insurer's debt to a claimant. The "dark side" doctors predictably state that a person's injuries don't exist at all or that they are minimal and to the extent that a person does have any injuries, those injuries were pre-existing and are unrelated to the incident for which the insurer is liable. Among the plaintiffs' bar, doctors who establish a practice of writing biased medical-legal reports for insurance companies are known as doctors who "have gone over to the dark side".

The lure of huge sums of money paid by insurance companies (for reports harmful to patients) is primarily responsible for converting doctors over to the "dark side". Income of over $500,000 a year is often earned by these doctors just for performing defense oriented medical examinations - with minimal risk and minimal effort. The actual writing of the medical reports is sometimes done mostly by staff and not by the doctor - further increasing profitability. The doctors who go down this road soon find that they spend their time testifying against patients in hearings and court proceedings for the purpose of reducing payouts by the insurance companies that hired them. An enormous income stream becomes the reward- and the curse- of these doctors. Once a doctor has converted to the dark side, the insurers can cut the doctor's earnings off overnight if the doctor writes a report that an insurer believes is overly favorable to a claimant. Since the choice of which DME doctor is used on a case is a choice which is completely within the control of the insurance companies and the defense attorneys who work for them, doctors who do not perform as expected are relegated to blacklist status overnight. After writing a report favorable to a claimant, a DME doctor will be shunned by all insurance companies - ending their ongoing $500,000+ a year business overnight. DME doctors are aware of this risk and most form their "opinions" and write their reports to avoid it.

This problem is a lot more of a problem than the average person is aware. It is damaging to the truth finding process and detrimental to the interests of the court. The level of bias and dishonesty involved is much more than the average juror is going to understand under the rules as they exist today. Since the Hawaii rules of evidence (like those in most jurisdictions) preclude litigants from even mentioning liability insurance in most trials, juries never hear that these doctors are reliant on a handful of insurance companies for their hefty annual incomes in their report-writing careers. The jurors never hear that the doctors can have their huge incomes cut off overnight if the doctor writes even one report that an insurer believes is overly favorable to a claimant.. The jurors only see a doctor and a defense attorney and they never even hear about the insurance companies and their opportunity to control the opinions of the doctor. Since doctors generally are considered "healers" and hence have a pretty good reputation- the insurance companies are able to take advantage of this generally favorable impression of doctors as a whole - in order to create a false impression with a "dark side" doctor providing supposedly "independent" and reliable medical testimony.

One first step to addressing this problem would be to change the rules of evidence so that insurance company involvement is no longer routinely excluded from jury consideration. To begin with, efforts by claimants to avoid mentioning insurance makes many claimants look like they are "hiding something" in court and hurts their credibility unfairly. In addition, juries should be allowed to consider the effect of huge incomes from insurance companies in considering the opinions of "dark side" doctors. Most studies have shown that jurors assume the existence of liability insurance anyway and that a court's attempt to keep them from considering its effect doesn't work. Insurance and the amount of coverage is routinely discussed in mediations, arbitrations and court settlement conferences. In light of the warping effect of insurance company money on this type of medical testimony in court, it is essential that jurors be allowed to see the big picture. The political and financial power of insurance companies should not be permitted to hide this important evidence of what is really going on from the deliberations of juries. Please join us in supporting changes to such unfair rules of evidence.

Recommended Doctors- Oahu

Neurosurgery & Disk Surgery

Gonzalo Chong, M.D., aka Ganzalo Chong, M.D., Dr. Gonzalo Chong, Dr. Ganzalo Chong

Jon F. Graham, M.D., aka Jon Graham, M.D., Dr. Jon F. Graham, Dr. Jon Graham

Leon Liem, M.D., aka Dr. Leon Liem

William G. Obana, M.D., aka William Obana, M.D., Dr. William G. Obana, Dr. William Obana (neurosurgery, neurosurgeon)

Orthopedic Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Darryl M. Kan M.D, Darryl Kan M.D, Dr. Darryl M. Kan, Dr. Darryl Kan

Jeffrey (Kimo) Harpstrite, MD, Jeffrey Harpstrite, MD, Dr. Jeffrey Kimo Harpstrite, Dr. Jeffrey Harpstrite (also Trauma Specialist)

Antonio B Cordero, MD, Antonio Cordero, MD, Dr. Antonio B Cordero, Dr. Antonio Cordero

Thomas J. Kane, MD, Thomas Kane, MD, Dr. Thomas J. Kane, Dr. Thomas Kane - lower extremities

Calvin S. Oishi, MD, Calvin Oishi, MD, Dr. Calvin S. Oishi, Dr. Calvin Oishi - lower extremities, esp. knees, and hip replacement

Jeffrey J K Lee, MD, Jeffrey Lee, MD, Dr. Jeffrey J K Lee, Dr. Jeffrey Lee

Stuart K. Wakatsuki, MD, Stuart Wakatsuki, MD, Dr. Stuart K. Wakatsuki, Dr. Stuart Wakatsuki, - Kailua, Hawaii

Morris (nmn) Mitsunaga, MD, Morris Mitsunaga, MD, Dr. Morris (nmn) Mitsunaga, Dr. Morris Mitsunaga

Gary Y. Okamura, MD, Gary Okamura, MD, Dr. Gary Y. Okamura, Dr. Gary Okamura

Peter (nmn) Diamond, MD, Peter Diamond, MD, Dr. Peter (nmn) Diamond, Dr. Peter Diamond
(unfortunately Dr. Diamond is in a group "Honolulu Sports Medical Clinic Inc" with mostly insurance company doctors)

Neurology, Neurologist

Jordan S. Popper, MD, Jordan Popper, MD, Dr. Jordan S. Popper, Dr. Jordan Popper

Leo M. Maher, MD, Leo Maher, MD, Dr. Leo M. Maher, Dr. Leo Maher

James (nmn) Pearce, M.D., James Pearce, M.D., Dr. James (nmn) Pearce, Dr. James Pearce

Hand & Foot Surgeon, Orthopedic|Orthopaedic Surgery

Robert E. Atkinson, M.D., Robert Atkinson, M.D., Dr. Robert E. Atkinson, Dr. Robert Atkinson

Michael K Hahn, MD, Michael Hahn, MD, Dr. Michael K Hahn, Dr. Michael Hahn

Daniel I. Singer, M.D., Daniel Singer, M.D., Dr. Daniel I. Singer, Dr. Daniel Singer

Stuart K. Wakatsuki, M.D., Stuart Wakatsuki, M.D., Dr. Stuart K. Wakatsuki, Dr. Stuart Wakatsuki

Occupational Medicine

John S. Endicott MD, John Endicott MD, Dr. John S. Endicott, Dr. John Endicott

James R. Langworthy, MD, James Langworthy, MD, Dr. James R. Langworthy, Dr. James Langworthy

Vern K. Sasaki, MD, Vern Sasaki, MD, Dr. Vern K. Sasaki , Dr. Vern Sasaki

Rehabilitation, Occupational and Sports Medicine

Ira D. Zunin, MD, Ira Zunin, MD, Dr. Ira D. Zunin, Dr. Ira Zunin

Scott D. McCaffrey, MD, Scott McCaffrey, MD, Dr. Scott D. McCaffrey, Dr. Scott McCaffrey

Robert R. Sloan, M.D., Robert Sloan, MD, Dr. Robert R. Sloan, Dr. Robert Sloan

Pain Management - severe - and Anesthesiology

Mary Kathryn Schaefer, M.D., M. Kathryn Schaefer, M.D., Kathy Schaefer, MD, Dr. Mary Kathryn Schaefer, Dr. M. Kathryn Schaefer - Pain Management for severe cases


Richard P. Kappenberg, Ph.D., Richard Kappenberg, Ph.D., Richard P. Kappenberg, MD, Dr. Richard P. Kappenberg

Brian B. Combs, Ph.D., Brian Combs, Ph.D., Dr. Brian B. Combs, Dr. Brian Combs

Psychiatry- Psychiatrist - Forensic Psychiatrist

Boyd J. Slomoff, MD., aka Boyd Slomoff, MD. aka Dr. Boyd J. Slomoff aka Dr. Boyd Slomoff (male)

Daryl Matthews, MD., aka Daryl (nmn) Matthews, MD. aka Dr. Daryl Matthews aka Dr. Daryl (nmn) Matthews (male)

Robert Marvit, MD., aka Robert C. Marvit, MD. aka Dr. Robert Marvit aka Dr. Robert C. Marvit (semi-retired)

Psychology- Psychologist- Clinical Psychologist

Rene Tillich, Ph.D., aka Rene (nmn) Tillich, Ph.D. aka Dr. Rene Tillich aka Dr. Rene (nmn) Tillich (male)

Psychology- Psychologist- Clinical Psychologist - PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Chalsa M. Loo, Ph.D., aka Chalsa Loo, Ph.D., aka Dr. Chalsa M. Loo, aka Dr. Chalsa Loo

Silke (nmn) Vogelmann-Sine, Ph.D., aka Silke Vogelmann-Sine, Ph.D., aka Dr. Silke (nmn) Vogelmann-Sine, aka Dr. Silke Vogelmann-Sine

Roger Hamada, Ph.D aka Roger S. Hamada, Ph.D, aka Dr. Roger Hamada, aka Dr. Roger S. Hamada

Warren Loos, Ph.D., aka Dr. Warren Loos

Developmental Psychology- Child Psychology- Autism

Maggie Koven, aka Dr. Maggie Koven, Loveland Academy

Ann Pulozzi

Child Psychology

Linda Yamamoto, Ph.D, aka Dr. Linda Yamamoto

Ophthalmology, Neuro-Ophthalmology

J. Scott Kortvelesy, MD, aka Scott Kortvelesy, MD, aka Dr. J. Scott Kortvelesy, aka Dr. Scott Kortvelesy


Gary Edwards, MD, Gary (nmn) Edwards, MD, aka Dr. Gary Edwards, aka Dr. Gary (nmn) Edwards

Percival H. Chee MD, MD, aka Percival Chee MD, MD, aka Dr. Percival H. Chee MD, aka Dr. Percival Chee

Speech Language Pathology (Speech Pathology), Audiology, Psychology

Dr. Patricia J. Dukes, aka Dr. Patricia Dukes, aka Dr. Patty J. Dukes, aka Dr. Patty Dukes, Loveland Academy

Mary Marasovich (speech pathology)

Orthopaedics (Orthopedics), Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

Timothy F. Olderr, MD, Timothy Olderr, MD, Dr. Timothy F. Olderr, Dr. Timothy Olderr

Bernard M. Portner, MD, Bernard Portner, MD, Dr. Bernard M. Portner, Dr. Bernard Portner

Internal Medicine- Internist

Clyde T. Miyaki M.D., aka Clyde Miyaki M.D, Dr. Clyde T. Miyaki, Dr. Clyde Miyaki (internal medicine, internist)

Lance (nmn) Yokochi M.D., aka Lance Yokochi M.D, Dr. Lance (nmn) Yokochi, Dr. Lance Yokochi (internal medicine, internist - also occupational medicine, occmed)

Internal Medicine- RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Disorder)

Eugene M. Lee, MD, aka Eugene Lee, MD, Dr. Eugene M. Lee, Dr. Eugene Lee (internal medicine, internist, RSD, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Disorder)

Physiatrist, Physiatry, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Linda J Rowan, MD, Linda Rowan, MD, Dr. Linda J Rowan, Dr. Linda Rowan

Marlon P. Rimando, MD, Marlon Rimando, MD, Dr. Marlon P. Rimando, Dr. Marlon Rimando

Gary A. Okamoto, MD, Gary Okamoto, MD, Dr. Gary A. Okamoto, Dr. Gary Okamoto

Robert R. Sloan, M.D., Robert Sloan, MD, Dr. Robert R. Sloan, Dr. Robert Sloan

Infections Expert, Infectious Disease Expert

William K. Lau, MD , William Lau, MD , Dr. William K. Lau, Dr. William Lau

Dental Expert, TMJ, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

George A. Wessberg, D.D.S., George Wessberg, DDS, Dr. George A. Wessberg, Dr. George Wessberg (reconstructive dentistry) (active in community service also)

Lonnie W. Tiner, D.D.S., Lonnie Tiner, DDS, Dr. Lonnie W. Tiner, Dr. Lonnie Tiner (now lives in Yucca Valley, California

Dental Expert, TMJ

Todd T. Tasaki, D.D.S., Todd Tasaki, DDS, Dr. Todd T. Tasaki, Dr. Todd Tasaki

Armand K. Chong, DDS, Armand Chong, DDS, Dr. Armand K. Chong, Dr. Armand Chong

Mark M. Tasaki, D.D.S., Mark Tasaki, DDS, Dr. Mark M. Tasaki, Dr. Mark Tasaki

Chiropractor, Chiropractic Medicine

Nicholas G. Opie DC, Nicholas Opie DC, Dr. Nicholas G. Opie, Dr. Nicholas Opie

Eugene (nmn) Kitts DC, Eugene Kitts DC, Dr. Eugene (nmn) Kitts, Dr. Eugene Kitts

Alex (nmn) Concepcion, DC, Alex Concepcion, DC, Dr. Alex (nmn) Concepcion, Dr. Alex Concepcion

Impairment Ratings, Independent Medical Exams (IMEs)

Typically, a specialist in the area of injury chosen from the list of recommended doctors (the upper part of this page) should be appropriate. Some doctors who have generally been fair include:

John S. Endicott MD, John Endicott MD, Dr. John S. Endicott, Dr. John Endicott

James R. Langworthy, MD, James Langworthy, MD, Dr. James R. Langworthy, Dr. James Langworthy

Morris (nmn) Mitsunaga, MD, Morris Mitsunaga, MD, Dr. Morris (nmn) Mitsunaga, Dr. Morris Mitsunaga

Jon F. Graham, M.D., aka Jon Graham, M.D., Dr. Jon F. Graham, Dr. Jon Graham

Gary A. Okamoto, MD, Gary Okamoto, MD, Dr. Gary A. Okamoto, Dr. Gary Okamoto

Peter (nmn) Diamond, MD, Peter Diamond, MD, Dr. Peter (nmn) Diamond, Dr. Peter Diamond

Lance (nmn) Yokochi M.D., aka Lance Yokochi M.D, Dr. Lance (nmn) Yokochi, Dr. Lance Yokochi (internal medicine, internist - also occupational medicine, occmed)

Scott D. McCaffrey, MD, Scott McCaffrey, MD, Dr. Scott D. McCaffrey, Dr. Scott McCaffrey

Recommended Doctors- Maui

Orthopedic Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Darren K. Egami, MD, Darren Egami, MD, Dr. Darren K. Egami, Dr. Darren Egami

Charles A. Soma, MD, Charles Soma, MD, Dr. Charles A. Soma, Dr. Charles Soma (please be warned that Dr. Soma does not like hearing lots of complaining)

Psychology- Psychologist

Richard (nmn) Sword, Ph.D., Richard Sword, Ph.D., Dr. Richard (nmn) Sword, Dr. Richard Sword

Mark Breithaupt, Ph.D., Mark Breithaupt, Ph.D., Dr. Mark Breithaupt, Dr. Mark Breithaupt

Pain Management

Michael A. Klaper, MD, Michael Klaper, MD, Dr. Michael A. Klaper, Dr. Michael Klaper

Jeffrey H. Chester, DO, Jeffrey Chester, DO, Dr. Jeffrey H. Chester, Dr. Jeffrey Chester

Charles (nmn) Ballard, DO, Charles Ballard, DO, Dr. Charles (nmn) Ballard, Dr. Charles Ballard

Recommended Doctors - Big Island of Hawaii

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Robert R. Sloan, M.D., Robert Sloan, MD, Dr. Robert R. Sloan, Dr. Robert Sloan

Recommended Doctors- Kauai

Orthopedic Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Timothy E. Schendel, MD, Timothy Schendel, MD, Dr. Timothy E. Schendel , Dr. Timothy Schendel

Physiatrist, Physiatry, Physical Medicine

Gil (nmn) Hagar, MD, Gil Hagar, MD, Dr. Gil (nmn) Hagar, Dr. Gil Hagar

So-called IME Medical Experts, DME Doctors That You May Want To Avoid- Doctors Who Do Lots of Work for Insurance Companies, Doctors who Are Regarded by Some as Insurance Company Doctors
(** = special concern)

General practice and areas of specialty

Parthenia Medical Group, aka Parthenia, aka PMG - a mainland California company that flies doctors in to Hawaii to perform biased medical examinations - the doctor gets a paid vacation in return for writing a medical report for an insurance company. Most of the doctors are not even licensed in Hawaii.

Bruce Hector, MD aka Dr. Bruce Hector (unknown specialty)**
(One of the directors of Parthenia Medical Group) (For an examination of the kind of damage these Insurance Doctors can do- take a look at Chung v. GTE Hawaiian Telephone Co., Inc., Intermediate Court Of Appeals No. 25220 (Sept. 9, 2004) which required 4 years and an appellate court decision to reverse the impact of Dr. Hector's anti-patient "IME") (This was an unpublished opinion.)

Clarissa T. Burkert, MD, aka Clarissa Burkert, MD, Dr. Clarissa T. Burkert, Dr. Clarissa Burkert **(Dr. Burkert was in a group called "Honolulu Sports Medical Clinic Inc" and was one of several doctors in this misnamed group who never see patients there - and instead see only patients sent by insurance companies and defense lawyers).

Maurice W. Nicholson, M.D., aka Maurice Nicholson, M.D., Dr. Maurice W. Nicholson, Dr. Maurice Nicholson (neurosurgery, neurosurgeon)**

Calvin C. Kam, M.D., aka Calvin Kam, M.D., Dr. Calvin C. Kam, Dr. Calvin Kam (neurosurgery, neurosurgeon)**

Anthony J. Mauro, M.D., aka Anthony Mauro, M.D., Dr. Anthony J. Mauro, Dr. Anthony Mauro (neurology, neurologist, internal medicine, internist)** (Dr. Mauro is considered by some as an "insurance doctor of last resort" - and has been used to even overcome prior pro-claimant reports by other insurance company doctors!)

Ronald H. Kienitz, DO., aka Ronald Kienitz, DO., Dr. Ronald H. Kienitz, Dr. Ronald Kienitz**

Chet Nierenberg, M.D., aka Chet Nierenberg, M.D., Dr. Chet Nierenberg, Dr. Chet Nierenberg (Dr. Nierenberg is the director of the misnamed Honolulu Sports Medical Group, Inc. which might be more accurately named the "Honolulu Insurance Company Doctors Group". He trains doctors in how to be convincing before juries at trial and he gives talks to insurance personnel with titles like "10 WAYS to GET A BETTER IME (How to get the most Bang for your Buck)")**

Kenneth K. Nakano, MD aka Kenneth Nakano, MD, Dr. Kenneth K. Nakano, Dr. Kenneth Nakano (neurology, neurologist)**

Robert L. Smith, MD aka Robert Smith, MD, Dr. Robert L. Smith, Dr. Robert Smith (orthopaedic surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, orthopod)**

Leonard N. Cupo, MD aka Leonard Cupo, MD, Dr. Leonard N. Cupo, Dr. Leonard N. Cupo (internal medicine, internist)**

Jon (nmn) Streltzer, MD aka Jon Streltzer, MD, Dr. Jon (nmn) Streltzer, Dr. Jon Streltzer (psychiatry, psychiatrist)**

James (nmn) Pierce M.D. aka James Pierce M.D., Dr. James (nmn) Pierce, Dr. James Pierce (neurology, neurologist)**

Kent (nmn) Davenport M.D, Kent Davenport M.D, Dr. Kent (nmn) Davenport, Dr. Kent Davenport (orthopaedic surgeon, orthopedic surgery)

Ramon H. Bagby, M.D, Ramon Bagby, MD, Dr. Ramon H. Bagby, Dr. Ramon Bagby (orthopaedic surgeon, orthopedic surgery)

Clifford (nmn) Lau, M.D., Clifford Lau, MD, Dr. Clifford (nmn) Lau, Dr. Clifford Lau (orthopaedic surgeon, orthopedic surgery) (regarded by some as a doctor consistently favoring the State of Hawaii).

Stephen M. Hirasuna, MD, Stephen Hirasuna, MD, Dr. Stephen M. Hirasuna, Dr. Stephen Hirasuna (orthopaedic surgeon, orthopedic surgery)

Jon H. Scarpino, MD, Jon Scarpino, MD, Dr. Jon H. Scarpino, Dr. Jon Scarpino (orthopaedic surgeon, orthopedic surgery) (According to some reports Dr. Scarpino is getting better.)

Michael Allen Gould, DDS, Dr. Michael Allen Gould, Michael Gould, DDS, Dr. Michael Gould - a Parthenia Medical Group dentist - brought to Hawaii to perform insurance company sponsored dental examinations. (Dr. Gould was sent a warning letter by the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs in 2009 for performing dental exams and practicing dentistry in Hawaii without the appropriate license. (Bocalbos))

Insurers who insist on using biased medical examiners in an effort to routinely deny insurance benefits to injured people do have some risk. In Hangarter v. Provident Life and Accident Ins. Co., 373 F.3d 998, 1010-1011 (9th Cir. 2004) the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals noted that Provident had used the same medical examiner at least 19 times over the past 5 years. Moreover, in 13 of 13 claims for disability insurance coverage the medical examiner rejected the total disability claim each time. The Court asserted that the repeated use of a biased medical examiner overcomes any presumption that a carrier's denial of a claim is a "genuine dispute". Instead such a practice constitutes evidence of bad faith on the part of the carrier and may give rise to an independent cause of action against the insurance carrier. Unfortunately, very few courts to date have publicly recognized the extent of this common insurance company practice which seeks to deny policyholders and claimants the very benefits for which the insurance was purchased.

Doctors Who You May Wish to Avoid- Other Reasons

General practice and all alleged specialties

Sharon S. Lawler M.D, aka Sharon Lawler, M.D., Dr. Sharon S. Lawler, Dr. Sharon Lawler (internist, internal medicine) (Medical record problems and lack of responsiveness to medical information requests have been reported)

Susan M Cauley M.D, aka Susan Cauley, M.D., Dr. Susan M Cauley, Dr. Susan Cauley (Medical record problems with lack of responsiveness to medical information requests have been reported)

For more information about Defense Medical Exams, Insurance Company Doctors and the Rules which such doctors are supposed to follow, you may wish to visit: Defense Medical Exams - Hawaii.



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An important victory in the fight for individual rights (as opposed to insurer rights) is the case of Yukumoto and HMSA v. Tawahara. In that case on May 26, 2017, the Hawaii Supreme Court rejected the efforts of a health insurer who tried to convert its insurance coverage into a 'loan agreement' and recover its medical expense payments from Mr. Yukumoto when he had a 3rd party claim - in spite of the fact that he was not being fully compensated for his losses. This insidious insurance practice has been damaging the citizens and members of the Hawaii community for many years. For more info, see the decision here: Yukumoto and HMSA v. Tawahara, Hawaii Sup. Ct. No. SCAP-15-0000460 (May 26, 2017).

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