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Personal Injury News - Hawaii

The following articles are articles of interest in the personal injury field. Some may show similarity to your situation, but each case is individual and must be evaluated on its own facts. Please feel free to peruse these articles.

Hubbard v. Hills Materials A $5.0 million award for employer stonewalling of Worker's Comp claims - Ron Hubbard, a construction laborer, needed $5,998 in medical treatment for carpal tunnel injuries brought on by his work for Hills Materials in South Dakota. But his supervisors were given bonuses for denying and defeating such claims in a company wide program to reduce worker's compensation claims. For "aiding and abetting the commission of a tort a South Dakota court recently awarded $65,000 in compensatory damages and $5,000,000 in punative damages against the employer involved in such conduct for its role in getting its insurer to wrongfully deny Mr. Hubbard's claim.

Merck's Vioxx and related New England Journal of Medicine articles Has Merck & Co.'s Vioxx been properly described in New England Journal of Medicine articles or has yet another medical industry-backed study suppressed the whole truth?

Costco Wholesale case resolves Jim Krueger's large judgment on Maui against Costco Wholesale is finally resolved, July, 2005

Wisconsin Med Mal Cap Unconstitutional Wisconsin's cap on non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases is held unconstitutional by the highest court in Wisconsin, July, 2005

Expert testimony on hedonic damages The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals addresses the exclusion by a U.S. District Court in Montana of expert witness testimony from a defense expert on hedonic damages (loss of enjoyment of life damages), Feb. 7, 2005

An Analysis of Fatal Large Truck Crashes By the US Dept of Transportation- National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
National Center for Statistics and Analysis- June 2003

Do it yourself Tort Reform for medical treatment (for those parents who support so-called Tort Reform)

Kaiser's liability challenged for drug's role in Jerry Wilson's auto accident with youth pedestrian in downtown Honolulu By Rod Ohira- Star Bulletin, March 8, 2000

Cellular Phone Radiation: Appeals Court To Hear Oral Argument In Health Suit Sept. 26, 2003 by Jeffrey Silva, Aug. 20, 2003

Brain injuries, the "silent epidemic" dated December 7, 2004

Annual Report of the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution State of Hawaii- Judiciary, June 20, 2004

Slain rampaging elephant- Tyke- left tenuous legacy in animal rights and people's lives . (2004-08-20)

Wingfield homeowners meet to discuss subdivision's future By CINDY CLAYTON AND SCOTT HARPER , The Virginian-Pilot January 19, 2005 from

Resolving insurance hassles trumps tort reform on Okla. medical association agenda by the Associated Press / January 19, 2005 from

Each article is provided with links to its source from the media. Whereever possible, the original article link or the link to the media organization is included with the article so that (1) credit is given to the proper authors and media outlet and (2) the user of this site can have immediate access with the media outlet in order to sign up for their news service. Please avail yourself of this opportunity.

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In the case of Tracey v. Solesky, 427 Md. 627, 50 A.3d 1075 (Md., 2012), the Court of Appeals of Maryland held that pit bull owners and harborers have strict liability for attacks on humans by their dogs. Massachusettes had previously established a similar policy. Cute pit bulls? Not hardly. Historically the dogs were bred to be weapons. They regularly maim and kill. Some courts are finally holding that owners and harborers of this particular breed are required to compensate their victims when their pit bulls wrongfully injure or kill - without the traditional "one free bite".

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